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Warilla-Barrack Point Surf Life Saving Club offers an extensive surf education program for young nippers starting from our Green Hats (U6 & U7) through to our older age groups. The Surf Life Saving Junior Activities Program has become one of the most successful children’s development and sporting programs in Australia. It encourages children to learn new skills; promote active involvement by parents and create a learning environment from which both children and parents can benefit. The skills learnt through Nippers may one day save their own, or somebody else’s life!

Nippers runs every Sunday from October to March. All Juniors meet at 9.15am in front of the Club for a prompt 9.30am start. Every age group has an Age Manager. The Age Manager is responsible for the education, training and organisation of the group. All children are asked to report to their respective age managers to have their names recorded. Children will then go to their allotted skills development group. It is here that young nippers learn appropriate theory regarding surf safety skills, resuscitation, basic first aid and surf life saving. For more detailed information information, please see “Age Groups Info”.

Children should be wearing their swimming costumes, cap and sunscreen. Remember slip, slop, slap and wrap. Whilst the children are involved in Juniors they are required to wear their coloured cap, based on the age group they are in. It is important that the cap is worn as is enables them to be identified on the beach and in the water as Juniors. It is also a mandatory requirement for those nippers entering the water, that they wear their pink high-vis rashie. If they feel more comfortable children may wear board shorts, rash shirts, t-shirts or wet suits during Club Days. For safety reasons no jewellery is to be worn.

Nippers will also get an opportunity to participate in a number of age appropriate activities including wading, beach sprinting, beach flags, surf swim, board paddling and March Past. Please note U9 and U10 nippers use a foam nipper board. U11-U13 are required to use a short fibreglass board and the U14’s progress onto a long fibreglass board.

There is an opportunity for Nippers who have successfully completed their proficiency swim (click for more info) to compete as part of the Warilla-Barrack Point Team at Carnivals throughout this season. This is a lot of fun and builds camaraderie amongst the kids and fellow club families.

At the conclusion of a Sunday Nippers, the BBQ is fired up and the canteen is opened for breakfast and refreshments.

As we are a voluntary organization, parent involvement is required to assist throughout the season. This may include helping out in the canteen, becoming an Age Manager, Officiating or doing Water Safety at carnivals, helping set up and pack up the beach or just as a general helper.

A canteen roster will be distributed at the commencement of the season. Every family is asked to assist twice. If you have any questions or would like to get more involved please talk to Donna Balmain.

What to Bring:

– Parent or Guardian
– Coloured cap based on age group*
– Hi-vis pink rashie*
– Sunscreen, zinc, block out, please apply prior to the Juniors starting
– Sun safe apparel – a hat/brimmed cap, rash shirt
– A positive attitude
– Drink bottle
– Swimmers and Towel
– Goggles, swim cap and Wetsuit (optional)
– Board, wax and ding tape