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ADDRESS:      Patterson 989,NY

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We have a very strong team of Nippers and Seniors who compete over the summer season. We always welcome new members.
Our Club was Branch Champions last season and we are usually in the top 10 clubs at the Country Titles.
We have members and teams that have competed and won at Junior & Senior State & Australian Titles.

WBPSLSC has a strong commitment to teams and surf sports that is supported by expert and experienced coaching in all facets of surf competition disciplines.

Active members can compete in a range of disciplines: Swim, Board, Ski, Surf Boat, IRB, Beach events (Flags, Sprint). Kirk Allen is our head Coach and he runs training sessions train at various times of the week and year – see our training & competition calendar on our web page for more information.

If you would like to find out more about competition & training please contact the club via email.

Upcoming Carnivals