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WBP Juniors shine at the State Age Championships


A massive congratulations to our contingent of 44 junior athletes who competed with pride and passion across the sand and surf at the SLS State Age Championships held in Swansea Belmont last weekend.

Strong performances across all age groups in some tricky surf reflected in the points tally with Barilla-Barrack Point finishing up 13th overall and taking out the “Overall Country Club Age Championships”.

Individual Medal Winners:
Maddix Burke (U10) – 3rd Male Board Race
Storm Balmain (U11) – 1st Male Board Race, 3rd Male Surf Race, 3rd Ironman
Ashton Moran (U11) – 3rd Male Beach Flags
Riley Moran (U12) – 2nd Male Beach Sprint
Montana Doubell (U12) – 3rd Female 1km Beach Run

A special mention to Blake Jackson (U14), Bree Hlis (U14), Kelly Blair (U13), Will Fowler (U12), Samuel Tracey (U12) and Lucas Krstevski (U11) who just missed out on medals but finished in the top 6 to add valuable points to the scoreboard!

Team Medal Winners:
U11 Male Board Rescue 3rd – Storm Balmain and Lucas Krstevski
U13 Male Surf Team 3rd – Nash Balmain, Kynan Burke, Jackson Walsh and Xavier Davis
All Age Board Relay 3rd – Imogen Walsh (U9), Maddix Burke (U10), Storm Balmain (U11), Will Fowler (U12), Kynan Burke (U13) and Jackson Blake (U14)

Our teams also showed their force with a few also narrowly missing out on medal contention. Congratulations to the U14 Male Surf Team (Jackson Blake, Zachary Byron, Brock Neall, Jackson Sheedy); U14 Board Relay (Jackson Blake, Zachary Byron, Jackson Sheedy); U14 Female Surf Team (Olivia Hall, Ivy Halliwell, Bree Hlis, Tylah Richards); U13 Board Relay (Jackson Walsh, Kynan Burke, Nash Balmain); U13 Male Beach Relay Team (Kynan Burke, Riley Moran, Samuel Tracey, Jackson Walsh); U11 Male Surf Team (Storm Balmain, Lucas Krstevski, Jack Thompson, Cooper Walsh); U11 Mixed Cameron Relay Team (Storm Balmain, Skye Bell, Ashton Moran, Kyah Shipley) and the U10 Male Board Relay (Maddix Burke, Mack Elliott, Paul Gray).

State Finalists:
U10 – Paul Gray, Mack Elliott, Maddix Burke
U11 – Kyah Shipley, Skye Bell, Cooper Walsh, Jack Thompson, Josh Tracey, Lucas Krsteveski, Storm Balmain and Ashton Moran.
U12 – Layke Shipley, Will Mackay, Declam Mackay, Sophie Davies, Claire Spicknall, Makynli Dale, Riley Moran, Will Fowler and Montana Doubell.
U13 – Jarlee Carberry, Kelly Blair, Kynan Burke, Nash Balmain, Logan Doubell, Sam Tracey, Xavier Davis and Jackson Walsh.
U14 – Olivia Hall, Ivy Halliwell, Tylah Richards, Bree Hlis, Jackson Blake, Zachary Byron, Brock Neall and Jackson Sheedy.

Congratulations Team!! As a club we couldn’t be more proud of every single one of our junior competitors – you have shown incredible commitment to training throughout the season.

A very special thank you to our dedicated coaches Ross, Craig, Troy and Damien who invest your much of their own personal time into the athletes.

And lastly, a massive thank you to all the parents who have officiated, done water safety and kept the wheels spinning behind the scenes… a club is only as good as its members.

Up! Up! Warilla!

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