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Our first round of our Junior club champs kicks off on Sunday, 1st November 2020.

Club Championships are a fun, ‘mini’ carnival held at our beach on four allocated Sundays during the Nipper season. This is a great way for nippers who are not familiar with carnivals or prefer not to do competition, to participate in the various events.

All nippers, U8 – U14 are eligible and events include wading, sprints, flags, swim, board, iron and RSR (run/swim/run). Age Champions (1st, 2nd, 3rd) are awarded for boys and girls in each group. Winners are determined by a point score held at each club championship round. The best 3 results from the 4 rounds will be used. Nippers are to attend a minimum of 70% of nipper Sundays in order to be eligible for Age Champion, THIS EQUATES TO 13 NIPPER SESSIONS.

Warilla-Barrack Point SLSC